Jahjaga: No irregularities in the process of border demarcation between Kosovo and Montenegro

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An independent international expert group for evaluating the process of demarcation of the border line with Montenegro has found no irregularities in the process, said the president of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga.

“The experts did not find irregularities in the process of demarcation in terms of legal and technical aspects”, Jahjaga said at a press conference.

According to her, the committee determined that the demarcation process should have been more transparent and that the Kosovo public should have been involved in it, bearing in mind the laws in force, maps and geodesic foundlings.

Member of the expert committee Fletcher Burton said that he “elaborated” his findings in an extensive report, which was submitted to the president Jahjaga.

“We have concluded that the State Commission of Kosovo has set a strong foundation in their work. The process has been carried out on a strong legal basis. Therefore, we have concluded that the process and the committee’s work were legitimate from the legal aspect”, said Burton.

Member of the expert committee Herbert Wilmes said he had reviewed the technical aspects of the demarcation agreement.

As stated, the commissions of Kosovo and Montenegro have implemented the best techniques that have provided “a clear view of the surface up to an inch”.

“This was a remarkable experience to see the impact when commissions work together. It is about commissions of two neighbouring countries. This is a good example for the future, for the two countries, Kosovo and Montenegro”, he said.

The demarcation of the border line and agreement on the Community of Serbian municipalities have been the reason for several month stalemate in the Parliament of Kosovo, because the opposition believes that the demarcation of the border with Montenegro cost Kosovo approximately 8,000 hectares.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro