Janko Vucinic President of the shadow government?

Opposition parties are considering a new model of the unification and cooperation for the formation of the shadow government that would provide solutions for overcoming the socio-political crisis in Montenegro.

According to “Dan”, a prime candidate for the head of the shadow government is Janko Vucinic, a MP of the Democratic Front (DF) who does not belong to any party, and is the worker and union leader.

In DF they believe that he is the best candidate for this position because, according to the evaluation of DF, he is one of the most popular politicians, not only in opposition.

DNP MP and the official of DF Vladislav Bojovic told “Dan” that eventual forming of a shadow government must acknowledge the undeniable fact that the strongest opposition entity, and that is New Serbian Democracy, should propose mandatory of the shadow government.

“I am deeply convinced that in this case, already initiated activities of DF in presenting the ideas of protest, would not be stopped but on the contrary, they would be further strengthened”, said Bojovic, stressing that it was his personal opinion.

He also noted that, to his knowledge, at the DF Presidency there were no discussions on the shadow government that has emerged as a possible idea of the Civic Movement.

Although the position of the first man of the shadow government should belong to the New Serbian Democracy (NSD) as the strongest opposition entity, the opinion in the party is that the position should still be left to Janko Vucinic.

If the proposal eventualy does not meet a broad support, NSD officials will be considered as a potential candidates.

According to “Dan”, apart fom NDS, Vucinic is also acceptable to Nebojsa Medojevic’s Movement for Changes and Milan Knezevic’s Democratic People’s Party.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro