Japan sect leaves Montenegro


Foreign citizens, 55 Russians and five Japanese who are found to be members of a religious sect “Aum Shinrikyo”, which in Montenegro conducted ceremonies, will be deported from the country no later than today, find out Dnevne novine.

They were given a deadline until March 28th to leave the country because they did not have registered residence in Montenegro, where they arrived on March 15th in the hotels “Perjanik” and “Ramada”.

By order of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, the police detained foreign nationals who mostly stayed in Danilovgrad hotel, last Friday after gaining operational data that the restaurant is closed for other guests and that during the stay suspects requested to turn off all the surveillance cameras. The arrested were interrogated for several hours at the Podgorica police station. Their cell phones and laptops were confiscated. However, after the hearing they were released with the decision that they have to leave the country until March 28th because they did not have residence permits.

A spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Podgorica, said for the Russian newspaper “RIA Novosti” that “these people have to leave Montenegro until March 28th, that some have already left and others will do so today.”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro