Jasavic announced: Positive Montenegro will also sign the agreement

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The Positive Montenegro will also sign the agreement on free and fair elections and support all the changes arising from it, PCG MP Azra Jasavic said appearing on the RTCG’s show Okvir.

She said that PCG would not sign the agreement on the same day when DPS and the opposition did that.

“Positive Montenegro will sign the agreement, but not on the same day when it is signed by DPS, because we are completely different from that party, as well as from the media group Vijesti and parties belonging to the group”, Jasavic said.

She said that Montenegro needed changes that would be carried out by the people who had not entered politics for financial reasons.

Jasavic added that PCG would participate in controlling the election process.

“We expect that from the opposition quota. If they really want fair elections, they should realise that PCG holds no posts in the state. No one can make objections against PCG related to its consistency and keeping its promises”, Jasavic said.

The political director of DPS Tarzan Milosevic said he believed PCG would be a part of the government, but he did not directly answer whether it would enter the government as a ruling or opposition party.

A representative of URA, Dritan Abazovic, said that it was clear to him where a party, which supported the government during the confidence vote in the Parliament, belonged.

“If DPS gives the whole government to PCG from its quota, we will not have anything against it”, he said, reiterating that Positive Montenegro would not get posts in the interim government from the opposition quota.

Abazovic said that it was good that the agreement was signed.

“It is sad that we have to sign such agreements. That speaks volumes about those who run this system. URA wants, as well as other signatories, to have elections in October, which will be the fairest of all conducted so far”, said Abazovic.

He added that the government formed after the elections should represent the choice of the majority will of all citizens.

“Currently, we do not have such a government”, said Abazovic.

At the beginning of the show, Milosevic said that signing the agreement created all the conditions for conducting the elections in accordance with the law, the results of which would be accepted by all parties that will take part in the electoral process.

“The goal is full trust in the electoral process and in government’s activities before the elections”, Milosevic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro