Jasavić: The Government of electoral trust – Montenegrin miracle

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The Government of Montenegro passed the National Strategy for Sustainable Development until 2030 on today’s session. Vice Prime Minister Azra Jasavić said that this document means that the Government of electoral trust is doing quality work.

She said that the Strategy passed unanimously.

“My suggestions were also unanimously accepted. The Strategy is realistic, the issues are neither over nor underestimated“, Jasavić said.

Within the project “Miracles of Montenegro”, she suggested that one of the miracles be new executive branch of leadership.

“I want to put forth a special product for the miracle – the Government of electoral trust. The award will go to charity”, Jasavić said.

Speaking about the Strategy, she said that the document entails matters of four important areas – human, social, natural and economic.

She suggested continues system of following the most talented students in all levels of education, so that they could get financial support from the state, and so that their knowledge can be used for country’s development.

“Genetic potential of Montenegro is within the number of its population. Potentials of every child are a social issue. It is necessary to follow our best potentials and be ready to focus on them in order to make them use their knowledge for the development of the state”, Jasavić said.

She also suggested a continuous system of education for officials in the public sector.

“Knowledge should belong to all people, even those in pension, who are underused. I believe this suggestion will be useful and that the knowledge of experts can help the younger crowd. The point is to put together knowledge, experience and youth”, she said.

Minister Branimir Gvozdenović said that the Strategy is in accordance with UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, and that it entails doubling of gross national product in 15 years.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro