Jasavic: The opposition is futile; Lekic is an eternal candidate for political Olympus

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After Demos’s leader Miodrag Lekic said that the Positive Montenegro (PCG) might not be a part of the future government of electoral trust, the party lead by Darko Pajovic has responded. PCG’s vice president Azra Jasavic has said that the party will certainly be a part of the executive power. Asked by CdM news portal whether PCG was in any way involved in the negotiations with DPS, Demos, URA and SDP, Jasavic has replied affirmatively.

“The negotiations have not been theirs. In every moment, PCG has been involved in the negotiations”, she said.

Jasavic claims that despite the impression that PCG does not communicate with their opposition colleagues, the party actually is negotiating with them.

“In addition to opposition colleagues, we also communicate with our colleagues from the government. Our plan must succeed because it includes a peaceful and democratic change of the government”, she has said.

According to Jasavic, the opposition is futile and Miodrag Lekic is “an eternal candidate for political Olympus, who would not be in the government if it weren’t for the PCG’s plan”.

“And now, imagine – he is lecturing who can and who cannot be in the government. Now, when it is clear that the PCG’s plan will succeed, he wants to grab as many posts and privileges for himself and his companions. That plan cannot be fulfilled“, she has underscored.

Jasavic has added that he is the best example of DPS and DF’s political engineering and today the success of the experiment is shown when all the money and efforts invested brought profits.

“Although he undermined any agreement on a daily basis with the help of Vijesti media group and tried to thwart the PCG’s plan, now when it is clear that the agreement must be achieved, he has an essential need to grab as much as he can for himself and his companions and to push us out, although we opened the door for the agreement. By insisting on Radojka Rutovic’s dismissal (editor in chief of the public broadcaster RTCG), the eternal candidate for ‘political Olympus’ is simultaneously running for the position of a manager for the outgoing Speaker of the Parliament, trying to save his already lost office. We say to the manager and his mentor, the outgoing Speaker of the Parliament, that RTCG’s professionalism at the moment is far above the professionalism of their multiparty bulletin Vijesti”, Jasavic has said.

Asked if she is a candidate for the next Parliament Speaker, Jasavic had a short answer.

“We did not discuss that issue”, she has said.

Krivokapic does not keep his word

Jasavic has reiterated PCG insists on holding the sessions of the Parliament Speaker’s Collegium.

“Ranko Krivokapic has tried to legalise political corruption and seizing PCG’s MP posts. He is aware that he is in the area of political and legal violence. He does not keep his word. He shamelessly breaks it for the sake of personal interests”, Jasavic has said.

She has added that he abused his office and contrary to the Rules of Procedure, formed a new caucus consisting of the so-called MPs who used to be at PCG’s candidates list and who have agreed to protect the interests of the media racketeers, adding that the Speaker of the Parliament has already been in a public pact with the racketeers.

According to Jasavic, not only that the PCG’s plan has been recognised as a democratic step forward by both domestic and international public, but it also disclosed all those who represent an obstacle for the development of parliamentary democracy in Montenegro.

“PCG as the author of the plan for overcoming the political crisis will be a part of an open government, but also a part of the future government after the upcoming elections”, Jasavic told reporters.

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