Jasavic to Rakcevic: Have a safe trip and don’t worry about the home

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“Have a safe trip and don’t worry about the home. Montenegro and its treasure will be safe, and those who gathered millions by being close to this regime should take care of their luck that they’re keeping in their million euros bag”. This is a message from the vice president of the government, a member of Pozitivna Montenegro Azra Jasavic to the leader of civic movement URA Zarko Rakcevic, after their decision to exit the government.

URA decided to leave the government because, as they had explained, the Agreement on free and fair elections was broken because DPS, without the agreement with the opposition, voted for several laws and decisions in the parliament which are harmful to Montenegrin interests.

“By their departure from the Government nothing will change for better or worse, because they didn’t leave any mark. May they have a safe trip”, said Jasavic via Facebook.

She emphasized that representatives of URA joined the government without legitimacy, and by exit they have shown that they never had capacity to uncover or prevent the abuse of public resources for party purpose.

“Their fear of personal incompetence is justified. Pozitivna pointed this out when they were joining the Government. By exiting the Government URA has once again shown that it’s far behind Pozitivna in every way”, she thinks.

She confirmed the words of the president of Pozitivna Darko Pajovic that the exit by URA won’t shake anyone and that it won’t be felt.

“Because, the toplification of Pljevlja was requested by us. For the country to be a priority buyer of A2A shares in case of their exit was demanded by us. Increasing the quality of education by depolitization and professionalization in employment was initated by us. Stipends for talented but poor youth was put in foundation of National stratey of sustainable development by us. Measures for education of public administration were proposed by us. Everything we fought for we had strong arguments for and we informed the public about it, and the Government accepted”, emphasized Jasavic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro