Jasavić: We expect further cooperation with Azerbaijan in infrastructure

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Relations between Montenegro and Azerbaijan are very good, and we expect further investments and cooperation in the infrastructure, said Vice Prime Minister Azra Jasavić, attending farewell cocktail for the Chief of Diplomatic Mission of Azerbaijan in Montenegro Sejran Mirzazade.

Jasavić expressed gratitude and respect for Mirzazade’s work on the behalf of the Government.

She said that Azerbaijan is the biggest investor when it comes to capital, especially in Portonovi project. The communication and exchange between two countries is at a highest level.

“Partnership between Montenegro and Azerbaijan is strategic and reliable”, she said, adding that the construction of the pipeline in which Montenegro is a partner, has begun.

Mirzazade built strong foundations in the relations between two countries and personally and professionally contributed in that mission.

“The Government expresses its gratitude to Mirzazade and expects further cooperation between two countries. We will remain a reliable partner and keep open doors for newly appointed chief of diplomacy Anar Adžemov”, Jasavić concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro