Jelić: It is a lie that I did not come to work, I earned every cent!

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Lies and nonsense. These are the words that Zoran Jelić, former counselor in Employment Bureau and DPS representative, used to describe the allegations of current director of ZZZCG Rade Milošević about Jelić not coming to work from 2012 until May of this year, but receiving salaries none the less.

„It is nonsense. Everything Milošević said is a lie. He showed that he is not professional, and he is not politically competent when he is reporting on such data. He also showed that he does not understand the system of executive branch. Representative can perform his function even when he is working in another institution, as is the case with nine more representatives in the Parliament“, Jelić said for CdM.

This means that 39 thousand EUR he received for that time were not gifted to him.

„I earned that money. My salary was from 500 to 525 EUR”, he said.

Milošević mada a report against Jelić and his wife Vukica, former director of ZZZCG, who he replaced upon Government’s restructuring due to upcoming elections.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro