Jelušić: Transformation of Sutomore

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Public call for leasing terraces in Sutomore that are written in as temporary objects has been made only now due to the fact that the MInistry of Sustainable Development and Tourism made the conditions only ten days ago. After that we will make contracts and give work permits, said director of Coastal Zone Predrag Jelušić.

Talking to Portal BARinfo, he said that there are 1.800 objects in the Coastal Zone that have just had their contracts signed, aside from Sutomore, where there were changes made in the plan.

“We will try to use the law procedure to give work permits as soon as possible to those who prove as quality renters”, Jelušić said.

He said that the long-term lease of the most important state property of Montenegro is conditioned by making a study location for Sutomore.

“Its application will give way to total Sutomore transformation, as was the case with Tivat. This study makes way for building stations for 54 sea vehicles of middle length, better infrastructure. Hospitality facilities will get better looking facades and the possibility to work all year. The Plan will be in force until 2018, and it gives opportunity for service people, citizens and tourists”, he said.

Director of Coastal Zone said that the company will give back 50% to local administration from the revenue of the objects, and this will money will go towards decorating coastal areas, improving the horticulture…

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro