Joković finance, Šehović traffic, Brajović the Parliament, Nuhodžić interior

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New government lead by Duško Marković will be completed within next ten days, CdM unofficially learns potential ministers.

New government will have a new Ministry of Diaspora, most likely lead by someone from Bosniak Party. There are speculations that Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism will split, and there are same plans for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU integration.

CdM unofficially learns that Damir Šehović will succeed Ivan Brajović as a Minister of Traffic. Brajovic is set to most likely become new president of the Parliament.

Vujica Lazović will continue to lead Ministry for Informational Society, while Vladan Joković will most likely be minister of finance.

Daliborka Pejović is set to become minister of tourism, and Melvudin Nuhodžić of interior affairs.

Zorica Kovačević will continue to lead Ministry of Labor.

Nikola Janović will be new minister of sports.

It is still unclear who will lead agriculture, BS asked for this mandate. Should they get it, Petar Ivanović will remain as vice prime minister.

Possible candidate for the spot is Milutin Simović as well.

Minister of economy could be Vojin Vlahović, Milo Đukanović’s advisor.

Sanja Vlahović, Predrag Bošković and Budimir Šegrt currently have uncertain positions.

Political platform of minorities will be agreed upon next week, after which they will start official negotiations with DPS. BS is interested in economy, development, agriculture. They will also have one vice presidency in the Parliament, most likely Rafet Husović.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro