Jonica: You don’t question leadership of the party ahead of the elections

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Parliament member from Socialistic people’s party Snezana Jonica claims that politics of this party was clearly defined at the Congress and that members showed whom they want to lead them.

Jonica said in an interview to Dnevne novine that no true member of SNP would talk about trusting the leadership of the party three months before the elections and emphasized that everyone should be focused on the upcoming parliamentary elections.

DN: Are their divisions in SNP? Is there a majority for replacing the president of the party?

JONICA: I will remind you that the seventh Congress was held in November of 2014 and that by vast majority of votes Srdjan Milic was elected president then. President of SNP received far more votes than both of the other candidates together. This way SNP sent a clear message whom they want as their leader and what type of politics it is supporting.

DN: Do you think that your colleagues from the opposition who joined the Government of electoral trust managed to contribute and prevent abuses, as they had promised?

JONICA: It is too early to comment on effects of their work. SNP thinks that they shouldn’t be praised or criticized, but heped by pointing put problems and directing their efforts, and that is what SNP has been doing and will continue doing.

Limited control function

Jonica said that lex specialis is so bad that it significantly limited their control function and that this law deprived rights from the opposition and has them all tied up, “while DPS members are protected like polar bears”.

“SNP was against this lex specialis. However, it was voted in by those who need to apply it, so it’s up to them to achieve the goal with lex specialis such as it is”, said Jonica.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro