Jovetic nominated as member of the RTCG Council

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Administrative Board unanimously suggested proposed to the Montenegrin Assembly to nominate Ivan Jovetic as member of the Council of Radio-television of Montenegro (RTCG).

Beside Jovetic, Bogdan Asanin has also been nominated, on behalf of the University of Montenegro. Jovetic is nominee of the University Donja Gorica

Jovetic should replace Nikola Vukcevic, who had been dismissed earlier because of the conflict of interest.

Mandate of the newly elected member of the RTCG Council will last until the termination of the mandate of current convening of the Public Broadcaster body – June 19th 2019.

Ivan Jovetic was born in Cetinje on April 2nd 1980. He graduated Faculty of Economy in Podgorica in 2005.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro