Just to check the warrant and location

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Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stafanovic said that Serbian police will act in accordance with the law in the case of Svetozar Marovic, after checking the status of Interpol’s warrant for him and finds out his location.

As a reminder, Marovic has been in Belgrade for months, where, according to his lawyers, he is being treated in one of the clinics.

He is expected to go to prison for four years, after having concluded an agreement with the Special State Prosecutor’s Office in which he admitted that he organized criminal group that caused millions of damage to the municipality of Budva.

The Red Interpol Warrant for Marovic was called in mid May.

Recently, Montenegrin Justice Minister Zoran Pažin said that Marovic’s arrest depends on the Serbian MUP, and that the official Pogorica will send a request for his extradition after the arrest.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro