Kacer: Montenegro in NATO by early spring of 2017

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The Montenegro-NATO accession protocol ratification process will be over by early spring next year Rastislav Kacer, Slovakian ambassador to Hungary and founder of the prestigious GLOBSEC security conference, said in his interview with Pobjeda newspaper.

“I’d like it to be so, but it is said by an idealist in me. The realist says that the ratification process will likely be completed in early spring of 2017”, said Kacer.

Kacer also commented on the situation in the Balkans.

“The hardest thing is to maintain the reform path and to be committed to national priorities. Slovakia has gone through all this and it takes a lot of sacrifice. The entire state administration must be committed to European objectives. On the other hand, the EU must keep its promise, support those candidate countries that close all negotiation chapters and are ready to become members. EU member states in Central Europe will not give up their job to remind EU and NATO members that they must never give up on enlargement. It will be crucial for the future of the EU, its competitiveness and longevity”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro