Kacin: London and Ankara won’t stall the ratification

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Process of ratification of the accession Protocol of Montenegro to NATO is progressing very well, said the ambassador of Slovenia in the Alliance Jelko kacin, stating that he expects this trend to continue in upcoming months.

Kacin told Pobjeda that he doesn’t expect any problems during the ratification of this document in Turkey and Great Britain regardless of the events in these countries.

“There is no reason for scepticism or any doubts that Ankara or London might postpone the ratification of the Protocol. This document was signed in Brussels by the ministers of foreign affairs of all the NATO member countries and everyone will strictly respect the signature”, said Kacin.

According to him, Great Britain didn’t announce any changes regarding NATO membership, nor even the EU membership for now, regardless of the Brexit results.

Slovenian diplomat is expecting more ratifications by the end of July, primarily in countries of the Mediterranean.

“Regarding Greece and Italy, these are countries of the Mediterranean and their parliaments work a bit longer than the otheres. It just needs a little bit more waiting”, he added.

While speaking about October elections in Montenegro, he said that he doesn’t expect any changes on the euroatlantic course of the country, and that the new government and the new parliament will remain on the path of the northatlantic integrations.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro