Kacin: Ratification in British Parliament by October

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Accession Protocol of Montenegro should be ratified in Britain by October, believes ambassador of Slovenia in the Alliance Jelko Kacin.

He thinks that Brexit will not influence the ratification of Montenegro’s Accession.

“Prime Minister David Cameron will remain in function until October, and we all hope that the ratification will be finalized by then”, Kacin said for TV Pink.

He believes that the NATO Summit in Warsaw on July 8th and 9th will provide encouragement for members to ratify the Protocol as soon as possible.

“EU aims to expand. On the other hand, NATO remains to be dedicated, to expand and protect all countries, especially those that have condition to join”, Kacin said.

Five countries have already ratified the Protocol. When all have done this, Montenegro will be able to sign Washington Agreement and became 29th member of the Alliance.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro