Kadija is the Director General of the RTCG

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Andrijana Kadija was elected Director General of RTCG, after three rounds of voting at the Council meeting.

In the first round most votes, four, got Radojka Rutovic, while three votes went to Andrijana Kadija. In the second round members of the Council voted for general director between the two of them.

In the first round Vladan Micunovic and Djordjije Kustudic got one vote each.

In the second round, Kadija and Rutovic each received four votes, while one ticket was invalid.

After the third round of voting Kadija got five votes, while Rutovic had four.

Council Chairman Vladimir Pavicevic said he hoped that they chose the right candidate and that the RTCG would be up to its role.

“The Council will actively monitor the work of the RTCG and give its full contribution in order to enable that the Public Service meets the expectations of citizens,” said Pavicevic.

Eleven candidates for the director general presented the programs and development plans of RTCG at the last session of the Council.

Candidates for Director General except Kadija, Rutovic, Kustudic and Micunovic were Dragan Cvijovic, Dubravka Perovic, Velizar Sredanovic, Dragoljub Sarovic, Caslav Vujotic, Zvezdan Vukanovic and Goran Sekulovic.

Acting Director General of RTCG to date was jeKadija, who held the position since the Council dismissed Rade Vojvodic.

The RTCG Director General’s term of office is four years.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro