Kalač: URA chasing Pokemon

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URA leaving the Government did not surprise political parties in Montenegro, and many believe that it was to be expected. They, as well as SDP and DEMOS, did not manage to accomplish anything of what they had promised.

MP Almer Kalač from Bosnian Party spoke to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily saying that URA, SDP and Demos only wanted to be a part of the Government and nothing more.

“They promised citizens a sensation and change. However, once inside they realized they can not reveal what they had promised, mainly because it was not there. All this seems to me like chasing Pokeman Go. Something imaginary, same as their opinions. I am not saying there are no frauds whatsoever, but not nearly as much as they are making it seem”, Kalač said.

According to him, it is known that there are some irregularities in election process, but not nearly as many as the opposition three makes it out to be.

Kalač said that those that will remain in the Government were close to the leadership for years, and would not risk leaving again.

The goal was to paralyze the Government

Member of President Board of SD Kenan Hrapović said to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily that URA is very irresponsible and not serious in their dealings.

“They were unequipped to be in the Government. It is clear that their motive was not to improve the work in the Government, but to paralyze it. They have no politics, except PR wars. They have no solutions, they are not responsible. Perhaps that is why they suggested NGO person for Minister”, Hrapović said.

According to him, URA is now leaving the sinking ship of the opposition three.

“They are leaving the captain behind to the turbulent sea. Regardless of decisions SDP and Demos reach, we are sure that they will leave the Government in October anyway”, Hrapović concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro