Kalics demand the return of their property

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Rožaje residents Mersudin, Safet and Amina Kalic, who were acquitted of charges for laundering money gained by selling drugs, submitted a request for the return of property to the High Court in Bijelo Polje, as Pobjeda dailz confirmed with their lawyer, Velibor Markovic.

Mr. Marković said that, accompanying the requests for restitution of property that was confiscated from Kalic family four years ago, is a “costs menu”.

It remains unknown what amount will Kalić family demand for their unjustified arrests and lost profits because their companies were in possession of the state for four years.

Their lawyer said his clients will decide on the amount after their vacation.

Amina and her brother-in-law, Mersudin, were arrested in late July 2011. Amina spent five months in custody, while Mersudin stayed there until the end of March 2014. The property of Kalic family was seized in late November 2011, by the decision of the High Court in Bijelo Polje. Their defense attorneys argued right away that the state illegally and unconstitutionally conducted this process. Nonetheless, a number of private companies and hotels became state property.

The list of forfeited property owned by Kalić family includes Petrol M gas station, AD Kristal, AD Turjak, coffee bar Tyson and hotel Rožaje.

Safet Kalić was arrested in October 2014 in Austria. His handcuffs were placed under an international warrant issued in 2011 by Interpol Podgorica. He is currently residing in a prison in Ahon, where German authorities offered him to plead guilty to smuggling drugs on their territory.

Members of Kalic family were acquitted of charges that they “laundered over seven million euros acquired via drug trafficking” on July 21, by the decision of the Court of Appeals.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro