Kascelan engaged in usury with money from abroad?

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Special public prosecutor put in detention of 72 hours nine citizens of Kotor which are suspected to be members of a criminal organization “Kavcani”. On the list of suspects for now there aren’t any persons who are believed to be leaders of this organization, and those are Radoje Zvicer from Kotor and Dragan Knezevic called Skuri, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper. In spite of insufficient material evidence, this criminal organization is connected to several unsolved murders in Kotor and Budva.

Not a mob boss but a “banker”

Although he was publicly marked as one of the leaders of this group, Slobodan Kascelan from Kotor, who is not available to police and prosecution, according to intelligence data from security services is an organizer of one portion of illegal activities for which he is charged. Unofficially, role of Kascelan, who recently survived an assassination attempt in Novi Sad, was to launder the money that this organization was collecting abroad.

“Primary job of Kascelan was usury. Money from illegal operations, that this group was bringing to Montenegro, Kascelan used for usury. He also expanded usury operations with large sums of money to the countries of the region”, it was explained by the source close to the investigation.

Besides Kascelan, Bozovic and the arrested police officer Samardzic, arrested are his fellow citizens Nikola i Igor Andric, Tripo Moskov, Ilija Dedovic, Goran Ljubatovic, Aleksandra Bogdanovic, Stefan Brnovic, and Stefan Brnovic from Podgorica and Djerdj Camaj from Tuzi.

This goup is suspected for several crimes starting from forming a criminal organization and all the way to bribing, usury, extortion, endangering public safety, abuse of public administration position, drugs trafficking, posession of illegal guns and explosives.

Arrest of “Kavcani” is the biggest action so far that was done by the police under the warrant by the Special prosecution. Operation involved around 180 police officers, and it was lead by members of the Special police forces.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro