Kastrati organized the kidnapping of Nemanja Medin?

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Albanian citizen Adrijan Kastrati, according to suspicions by the investigators, is most likely the organizer of the kidnapping of the twenty four years old citizen of Petrovac Nemanja Medin, Pobjeda reports.

Inspectors from Bar held hearings for several persons from Podgorica, Bar, and based on the gathered information and statements they believe that Albanian citizen Adrijan Kastrati might be the organizer of Medin’s kidnapping.

As Pobjeda writes, besides statements from the persons who were questioned as witnessess, inspectors posess a phone listing which confirms that Kastrati was communicating with Vladimir Ulama (23) from Cetinje on a daily basis as well as with Darko Mijovic (26) from Podgorica, who are also charged for kidnapping by the police.

In following days inspectors from Bar will continue with questioning persons who were in contact with the suspects.

Police found that Medin was kidnapped on 8th of July and foud suspects for this crime, but still doesn’t know where the 24 years old citizen of Petrovac is.

Albanian citizen lived at Karabusko polje in Podgorica until the day Medin disappeared. By disappearance of Medin, every track of him is lost too. Kastrati and his son have changed names several times in order to cover their tracks from the police.

Besides Mijovic and Ulama, the police arrested Zoran Muhadinovic (44) and Marko Vujacic called The Cuban (45) from Cetinje as well as Bogdan Milic. They all refused to take polygraph.

As the police suspects, Medin was kidnapped at the beginning of July by Mijovic and Ulama, while Muhadinovic, Vujacic and Milic helped them cover the tracks of the crime. Muhadinovic, Vujacic and Milic are known to the police from before.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro