Katnic: An unprecedented tragedy in Montenegro prevented

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Serbian citizens, who are suspected of terrorism and creating a criminal organisation, intended to disguise themselves as Montenegrin police officers and shoot at people, said Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic, adding that a tragedy was prevented in Montenegro.

Appearing in the Vijesti TV’s sociopolitical interview show, Nacisto, he said that the suspect list was not completed and that on 16 October police prevented an unprecedented tragedy in Montenegro.

“They intended to support the crowd gathered in front of the Parliament and enter into the building wearing uniforms of special unit police officers in order to make it looks like the police is shooting at the civilians”, Katnic said, MINA news agency carried.

As he said, the terrorist group planned to occupy the Parliament shedding innocent blood and to capture the prime minister and took command of the Parliament.

Katnic said that the Special Prosecutor’s Office was aware of the existence of a Danilovgrad-based criminal group, which was supposed to help the arrested Serbian nationals, adding that there was evidence for everything he said.

He said that the control over the terrorist group had been taken before the arrest.

“We prevented bringing the weapons in Montenegro”, said Katnic, stating that weapons were not shown because they did not let it enter Montenegro.

As he said, the weapons were supposed to be transported to Montenegro across the border with Albania and that they were destroyed.

Katnic said that the Special Prosecutor’s Office was working as rapid as possible and that indictments would be brought soon.

“I believe that the court would confirm them”, he added.

Katnic also said they had evidence that there were more people who planned to attack police and military units along with the arrested group.

According to him, the Special Prosecutor’s Office had evidence that Aleksandar Sindjelic was the organizer of the group and “a person who had prepared weapons and a drone”.

“I have evidence that there was a plan according to which some politicians and citizens would enter the Parliament building”, Katnic said.

He also stated that the prosecutors knew that the group’s goal was to eliminate special units.

“They had the most modern means of communication. In this situation, we could not take the risk to allow that to happen. I assessed that it would be a huge risk”, said Katnic.

Katnic added that he had called the interior minister Goran Danilovic and presented the facts to him and that Danilovic had called Metropolitan of Montenegro and Littoral Amfilohije.

Katnic said that Danilovic had been up to the task.

“I am happy because I believe there would have been victims had citizens gathered in front of the parliament” ​​he said.

Katnic also said he did not know who the politicians who had planned to enter the Parliament were.

He pointed out that the prosecutor’s office could not be silent about the coup preparation during the election day.

“There was a risk of this group’s activities on Monday as well. The fact is that an unprecedented terror was planned for Sunday evening”, Katnic said.

He had a message for those who are involved in this in any way that “justice was launched and that they will be prosecuted when relevant evidence is provided”.

Katnic said an investigation into the leak of information for the transcript of suspects’ phone calls was launched.

“The transcripts are unreliable”, he said.

According to Katnic, the investigation into the case was initiated in September.

“I think that the official Belgrade should take these developments seriously”, said Katnic.

Commenting on the fact that the suspect Bratislav Dikic has certain health problems, Katnic said that a treatment was provided to him.

“The disease does not prevent him from being included in the process”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro