Katnic is checking the report on Jovanovic’s murder: The report contains claims without evidence

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The report of a private detective that was submitted to the Special State Prosecutor’s Office three months ago does not contain facts proving that the Italian mafia stands behind the murder of editor in chief Dusko Jovanovic. Chief special prosecutor Milivoje Katnic said that answering Pobjeda newspaper’s questions related to the latest affair which has been launched on the occasion of the crime by DF MP Koca Pavlovic.

“The report of the private detective does not contain facts based on which the report was made”, Katnic told Pobjeda.

Although the detective’s report is without evidence, it must be checked, because it describes the way the murder was committed and pointed to alleged perpetrators.

Katnic added that the prosecutor’s office has taken measures and activities to check the credibility of the content of the report.

Given the fact that the preliminary investigation of the case is ongoing, the prosecutor’s office cannot reveal information about the details from the report of a private detective, who described the way and pointed to the perpetrators of the murder, but he seems to have “forgotten” to support the claims by evidence.

For this reason, the prosecutors will examine the credibility and intent of the allegations.

Although the case is labelled as confidential, according to Katnic’s response it can be concluded that the investigation was carried out by an individual, rather than “the renowned Belgrade-based detective agency”, as the media reported.

The public has been informed about the “secret proceedings” on Monday. “Strictly confidential” information was revealed by the MP for the Democratic Front (DF) Koca Pavlovic at a press conference after the constituent session of the committee for the investigation of attacks against journalists and media outlets.

Pavlovic said that report contains information that the perpetrators of the murder were members of the Italian mafia Sacra Corona Unita – Giuseppe Giordano and two Italian nationals. During the press conference, he did not reveal who allegedly organised Jovanovic’s liquidation, but only a few hours later he posted on his Facebook profile a status in which he wrote that Djukanovic brothers ordered the murder.

Pavlovic did not have public statements after that but members of Jovanovic family required the prosecution to seriously investigate the allegations of the private detective.

The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) also responded, stating that DF MP must prove his “shameful allegations” and that he would be held responsible in the Parliament, before the prosecutor’s office and the court for the “lies” he said. DPS called into mind that the government has announced a €1m reward for information on Jovanovic’s murder, because it aims to shed light on the case.

Jovanovic was killed on 27 May 2004 in an ambush in front of the Dan newsroom.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro