Kavaci and policemen fell in the trap of the Special prosecution

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In a thorough operation of the Special prosecution and Special team of police which was done on Sunday evening in Kotor, because of several criminal acts, nine persons were arrested, among which is also the assistant chief of police in Kotor Zlatko Samardzic.

Another seven persons avoided the arrest because they were unavailable and are being intensively searched for, it was said from the Special public prosecution.

They are charged for several crimes starting from forming a criminal organization and all the way to bribing, usury, extortion, endangering public safety, abuse of public administration position, drugs trafficking, posession of illegal guns and explosives.

Kotor under police siege

Almost all available police officers in Kotor was deployed in the field.

According to unofficial information of DN, besides Samardzic, arrested are his fellow citizens Nikola i Igor Andric, Tripo Moskov, Ilija Dedovic, Goran Ljubatovic, Aleksandra Bogdanovic, Stefan Brnovic, and Stefan Brnovic from Podgorica and Djerdj Camaj from Tuzi.

On the same day the prosecution issued an arrest warrant for Slobodan Kascelan, brothers igor and Aleksandar Djurisic, Davor Prelevic, Sinisa Vlahovic, Vladimir Bozovic and Milos Radonjic, who are known to the investigators from before.

First information on the police officer came from Police department in Kotor

According to unofficial information, first information on suspicious behavior of Samardzic came from Police department in Kotor, and the Sector of crime police was notified of this.

Unlike Samardzic, the arrested cop Stefan Brnovic from Kotor suburb Muo was often seen socializing with members of Kavaci clan.

PHOTO: Vedran Ilic, Iva Mandic

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro