Kavarić: The best environment for industry development in Eastern Europe is in Montenegro

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Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavarić PhD met representatives of Chinese company NUCTECH during the 5th Summit of chiefs of governments of Central and Eastern Europe and China within cooperative project 16+1. The Summit is being held in Riga, and NUTECH is one of the largest Chinese companies in high tech field with its own innovations and patents. Minister explained that Montenegro is the most favourable environment within Eastern Europe for developing industry.

General director of NUCTECH Giaohao Bian underlined first that NUTECH already started cooperating with Montenegro by donating to Customs. Their goal is to further cooperate in area of security.

Kavarić expressed gratitude for cooperation in traffic and energy so far.

He said that the Government of Montenegro wants to explore cooperation in area of industrial production.

“This is the reason we are implementing policies that contribute to the development of industry”, Kavarić said.

Minister of Economy was invited to visit NUTECH, and their representatives were invited to visit Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro