Kerry: Montenegro has worked hard

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Signing Montenegro’s Accession Protocol is an indication that the open door policy of NATO has a meaning and Montenegro has worked hard to get to this stage, said US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Ministers of NATO member states have signed the protocol on the accession of Montenegro to the alliance today.

“Montenegro has worked very hard to get to this point and had to meet certain standards. It has been working hard for years, to prepare for the obligations”, Kerry said at the press conference at NATO headquarters.

He added that Montenegro had had to meet certain standards related to democracy and public support for the alliance.

Kerry said that the decision was not easily taken and that it meant NATO carefully monitor certain country and that the alliance was not influenced by anyone outside it. He repeated that NATO made the decision based on the criteria for membership.

“This means that the open-door policy does have a real meaning – that the door is open and that countries that have met the standards have a chance to become members”, Kerry said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro