Ključ: Citizens should believe their own eyes, not stories of safe steps

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Coalition Ključ, constituted of Demos, SNP and GP URA, presented their election program today. The list will be lead by Miodrag Lekić. The campaign will start in Bijelo Polje, and final list of representatives will be presented on Thursday.

Miodrag Lekić said that they have managed to balance the agendas of all three parties.

“The program is wide, but the focus is on economy. The program itself is not enough, we need people to implement it”, Lekić said.

Leader of SNP Srđan Milić said that this program represents the needs of majority of people.

“The campaign is starting, and we will be on the field to spread the message – enough divides, time has come for change”, Milić said.

Leader of URA Žarko Rakčević said that most citizens believe their own eyes and not those who try to convince them to take the “safe step”.

“You can see that we are united in love towards a different Montenegro, and I believe we have the best program for Montenegro”, Rakčević was certain.

He said that DPS is changing the discourse in order to avoid economic issues.

URA official Dritan Abazović said that the list will be submitted on Thursday, after each party makes the decision in their steering committees.

“Coalition Ključ program is finished, and from tomorrow we will try to make it heard in every household in Montenegro. Our program is mostly focused on economy, but we will avoid no subject matter”, Abazović said.

He confirmed that the list will be lead by Miodrag Lekić.

“It is only logical, since he won the presidential elections and made DPS lose for the first time”, Abazović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro