Knezevic: I am not guilty, process is fake

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The trial in case of an attempted terror on the election day continued today in the Podgorica High Court. Democratic Front member Milan Knezevic made his defense stating that he was not guilty of the crimes from accusation.

Knezevic said that he did not know any of the defendants, except Andrija Mandic and Mihailo Cаdenovic.

He assessed that the October 16 events were a fake state coup, which happened to make Montenegro easier to join NATO.

At today’s hearing, Knezevic did not want to answer the questions of prosecutors and the court.

Commenting on Knezevic’s statement today, chief prosecutor Milivoje Katnic said his testimony was a literary fiction, “which can be dangerous if somebody believes in it.”

The trial is due to continue on October 25th.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro