Knezevic: The people will decide whether we will get back to the Parliament or under tents

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At the protest in front of the Parliament of Montenegro, which is scheduled for tomorrow, Democratic Front (DF) will decide together with the people whether MPs of the opposition alliance will return to the Parliament and participate in the discussion on forming a government of electoral trust or they will continue gatherings and set up the tents on the boulevard of Sveti Petar Cetinjski again. This was said by Milan Knezevic, a member of the Democratic Front and the president of the Democratic People’s Party (DNP), in an interview with Dan newspaper.

The protest has been scheduled for 8pm in front of the Parliament building.

“The protests of the Democratic Front, which will begin on 3 May, on the eve of the Parliament session, represent a people’s response to the treason by the part of the opposition which decided to enter a coalition with the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS). Our alliance has stuck to the firm opposition ideas which we proclaimed on 27 September last year. The part of the opposition sided with Milo Djukanovic against DF, instead of joining forces with us against the head of the regime after 24 October”, Knezevic said.

Accusing the part of opposition of being inconsistent, he added that current bargaining about the positions in the government was turning into a comedy.

“Since it is more than obvious that the political scene in Montenegro, with the exception of DF, has become a kind of market, we have no other option but to make a joint decision on our further moves on 3 May. It is very important to send a message that regardless of the opposition’s treason, DF remains the only pillar of the opposition struggle and for sure it will not betray its own people. Our duty is to resist the regime even more vigorously and to show not only that we will not give up, but that we will do everything to protect people from the new catastrophe that is being prepared”, the DF’s official said.

He points out that making plans and decisions jointly with the people is a characteristic of the DF’s struggle.

“Thus, we will jointly make a decision about a possible return to the Parliament, as well as about the model of the fight that would be applied there. If we decide to set up tents there (in the Paliament), there is no force or security service that can prevent us from doing so”, Knezevic said, adding that no one can prevent them from setting up the tents on the boulevard of Sveti Petar Cetinjski again, if they decide to do so.

After a few months of boycotting the Parliament, DF representatives participated in the recent session of the Parliament Speaker’s Collegium. The collegium has scheduled the plenary session, at which new members of the government are to be elected and lex specialis is to be adopted, for Wednesday, 4 May.

Knezevic is convinced that the political struggle of DF has been proved to be the only right and possible one.

Therefore, the protest scheduled for 3 May is an introduction to a series of similar gatherings in Montenegrin towns. We must respond to the treason by a democratic uprising, he pointed out.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro