Kolarevic: Women are more self aware, but still in men’s shadow

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Besides stereotype that women in managing positions should behave like men which is absurd from the gender equality point of view and enables already present inequality, another indicator of this inequality can be seen in the fact that there are more women than men in Montenegro and prety much everywhere in the world, but there are far less women in managing and leadrship positions, said for CdM Emina Kolarevic, program director of the Convention of women from Western Balkans “She’s here”.


Podgorica will be the host of the First regional convention of women of Western Balkans starting tomorrow and ending on 27th of May, under the name “She’s here”.

Regarding this, Kolarevic spoke with CdM about the position of women in Montenegro, goals of the Convention, fight for gender equality in all areas of life…

As she said, in spite of national action plan for gender equality 2013 – 2017, which is in accordance with international and European priorities and standards in terms of gender equality, the statistics in Montenegro is very discouraging.

She reminded that National action plan for implementation of the resolution of Security council of UN 1325 has still not been adopted, although a working group has been formed for its creation. She emphasized that it’s symptomatic that Montenegro is the last country in the region to adopt this plan.

As for the economy and labour market, Kolarevic said that women in Montenegro work on average three and a half hours per day longer than men.

“Only 9,6 percent of companies are owned by women. Women earn almost 20 percent less than men for same kind of job, and having in mind the income from all sources, men earn up to 85 percent more than women”, she emphasized.

Kolarevic said that women are more self aware nowadays, but undoubtedly still in men’s shadows.

Program of the Convention is, as she said, created precisely on the basis of challenges that women in the region meet on a daily basis. The topic of the first day will be “Role of women in building the peace in Balkans”.


Only results that we achieve can be a measure of our success.

“Every woman on the planet today is fighting for her spot because she’s a woman. This is matter of historical herritage, which women started to change by fighting only at the beginning of the previous century. A hundred years is a short period historically speaking, in order to change the essence of things. A change in mind and way of observing a woman as a complete personality is a task that even us women often don’t manage to fulfill”, she added.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro