Kommersant: Russian intelligence chief visiting Serbia is scandalous

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Moscow and Belgrade lived through a scandal that was mitigated by secretary of Russian Council for national safety Nikolaj Patrušev, Moscow Kommersant daily published yesterday.

Kommersant published that Danas daily wrote of several Russian nationals being deported from Serbia for their participation in preparing terrorist actions in Podgorica. This information was not officially denied.

The news coincided with unexpected visit of Patrušev. Local experts estimate that he came to “discuss the case of Montenegro” and “an attempt to prevent a scandal between Serbia and Russia”. Patrušev was met at the highest level, and the conversations were strictly confidential. At the beginning of the visit, Patrušev suggested signing an agreement on understanding in the area of safety.

Kommersant writes that many local politicians suspected that agreement was the main reason behind this visit, as it was discussed before and is not obligatory.

They write that Patrušev arrived in Belgrade one day after Serbian Prime Minister stated about the plan of violent overthrow of Montenegrin state institutions with the help of “foreign influences”, confirming the statement of Montenegrin Special State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnić.

Kommersant added that after the meeting with Vučić, only a short statement was released, claiming that safety services of Russia and Serbia are cooperating successfully.

Citing unnamed sources in Belgrade, Kommersant writes that Patrušev’s main task was “to resolve the situation and prevent scandal between Serbia and Russia”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro