Konjevic approved reprogram of the tax debt: Vijesti paying 635.744 euros in 12 installments

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Minister of finance Rasko Konjevic approved reprograms of tax debt for ten companies. Among others these are media companies Dejli pres (daily newspaper Vijesti), TV Vijesti, TV Pink and Antena M, it was reported by Pobjeda.

Requests for reprogram were analyzed by the commission made of representatives of Ministry of finance, Tax administration and Customs administration.

“Commission for determining the fulfillness of the conditions for reporgram of tax and non-tax receivables delivered me a record of its work after examining the requests from tax debtors. I respected their proposals and signed the proposed solutions”, said Konjevic to Pobjeda.

“Commission decided that the request for postponing the tax debt can be accepted and proposed that for several companies the debt can be paid in 12 monthly installments, including Dejli pres and TV Vijesti, for debts of 380.900 and 254.844 euros respectively, with the condition that they also pay the current obligations that keep coming”, it was stated in the proceedings from the commission, which Pobjeda had insight into.

Commission also accepted the proposal for Antena M under the same conditions, for paying the tax debt of 35.960 euros in 12 installments. TV Pink will pay 93.011 euros of debt in 10 monthly installments.

All companies submitted a consolidation plan under which they should make enough profit to cover the outstanding debt.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro