Konjevic: DPS agreed that changes in RTCG were necessary

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Signing the agreement on free and fair elections that is expected soon does not depend on the opposition. DPS is obliged to implement the things it agreed upon, SDP MP Rasko Konjevic.

However, he did not directly answer until when they would wait or if the request for the RTCG director Radojka Rutovic’s resignation is legitimate or if they plan to solve this problem by amending the law in Parliament.

“The thing everyone in public life is aware of is that the news programmes of the public broadcaster RTCG absolutely serve the interests of one party and that multimillion euro budget provided by taxpayers’ money has not provided necessary quality of the news programme. DPS agreed that changes in the news programme were necessary and it was registered in the agreement. If DPS wants the agreement to be signed, it is necessary to ensure its implementation. DPS is responsible for that before international partners too. In order to create conditions for fair and free elections, it is necessary to provide mews programme that will not be aimed at serving one party. DPS accepted that the changes were needed and it is responsible to implement it”, said Konjevic.

Commenting on the statement of the RTCG director that politicians are playing with the lives of employees, Konjevic states that better commentators on that subject are “those who directly influence the quality of the public broadcaster’s programme, which is more than obvious to all factors in the society”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro