Konjević: Draft of budget re-balance by Friday

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Draft of budget re-balance should be done by Friday, and judging by first analysis, it will be 60 million EUR “heavy”, said Raško Konjević, Minister of Finance.

The missing money should be provided from the capital budget and through taxes, Konjević said to RTC. While leadership and the opposition suggest careful examination of expenses of budget users, economists think that some laws need to wait for expert financial analysis.

More than two billion EUR, which is the planned amount for 2016, is not enough money for the state to cover all the expenses by the end of the year, so the Ministry of Finance is preparing a re-balance. The money is lacking for public sector, mothers with three children reimbursements, state companies and reimbursements for workers of KAP and Jadran Shipyard.

Suggested re-balance is around 4% of total budget, economist warn that this is no small amount, and that every expense must be justified.

“My suggestion would be to stop changes in the budget until the end of the year”, Božo Mihailović, professor on Faculty of Economy of University of Montenegro said.

The Ministry will try to find the lacking money in the budget, without putting the state in more debt.

“One part of the resources from the capital budget will not be spent as planned and we will try to avoid new debts. There is also a matter of tax debts that are in the amount of 230 million EUR”, Konjević said.

Representatives of leadership and the opposition suggest that the money be found through revision of expenses.

“The Parliament of Montenegro has been abusing resources in an irrational manner. Savings can be made there. All units can make savings through responsible use of official cars, daily wages, travels and consultants”, said Zoran Jelić of DPS.

“It is always better to acquire money through savings then new debts”, Aleksandar Damjanović of SNP said.

Along with rational expenses, economists believe that the most important thing at the moment is to stop passing laws without expert studies of their financial influence.

“These issues came to be through changing of some laws and regulations due to party interests. We must consult the financial experts and respect the economy”, professor Mihailović said.

The final word on draft of the budget will be given by the Parliament by the end of July.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro