Konjevic: Minister is not called without seal

Interior Minister Rasko Konjevic said today that he will come to Parliament to talk about the security situation in the country when, as he said, he gets a valid invitation.

On the session of the Committee on Corruption, after the claim of MP Koca Pavlovic that for days the Minister is ignoring the call to speak in the Parliament on the subject, he showed a letter he received from Vice-President of the Assembly Branko Radulovic, without seal and memo.

“This is the invitation that you speak of, which was sent to me on February 20th. Is this the way to call minister in the government – without seal, without memo, on the white paper”, said Konjevic.

He stressed that he is not irresponsible man.

“When Parliament calls, I will come because this institution has elected me. But this is not how should minister be called”, said Konjevic.

Pavlovic said that the last event, when a bomb exploded in Podgorica district ‘’Blok V’’ in the middle of the day, was reason enough for Konjevic to come to the parliament.

“The bomb that exploded that day, in such a way, at a place like that, is enough of a call for the minister. I think you were called by the bomb, and you were supposed to come to Parliament yourself and to ask from authorities to immediately open a debate on the subject”, said Pavlovic.

Konjevic said he is available to speak on the topic of security either at the home board or at the plenum.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro