Kosovo Assembly to discuss demarcation with Montenegro tomorrow

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Foreign affairs parliamentary commission of Kosovo will discuss the draft law on ratification of the agreement on border demarcation with Montenegro at the meeting tomorrow, whereas the Presidency of the Parliament is to decide on scheduling the session at which the demarcation will be discussed, RTCG carried.

According to reports by the Pristina-based media, the government of Kosovo submitted the draft law on ratification of the agreement on the demarcation to the Parliament at the end of last week and it has already been given to the members of the Parliament of Kosovo.

The demarcation agreement and the agreement on the Association of Serb Municipalities have caused a lot of resentment and disagreement among lawmakers of the opposition since September last year. The opposition prevented holding the parliamentary sessions by throwing tear gas. The opposition MPs have been recently joined by some MPs of the ruling coalition.

According to current estimates, the coalition lacks at least five votes in order for the law to get two-thirds majority, which is needed for ratification of international agreements.

A scientific conference on the demarcation was held in the Kosovo Parliament, which was aimed at harmonising positions. However, the conference has even more deepened disagreement over the demarcation issue.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro