Kovac: Croatia will ratify the protocol soon

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We will do our best for the Croatian Parliament to be among the first to ratify Montenegro’s NATO Accession Protocol, said Croatian foreign minister Miro Kovac for Pobjeda newspaper.

He pointed out that the Croatian government had promised to do it soon.

“During her recent visit to Montenegro, our president has promised that and I have promised that too. We will do our best for the Croatian Parliament to be among the first to ratify Montenegro’s NATO Accession Protocol “, Kovac said.

He congratulated Montenegro on the signing of the Accession Protocol.

“This is very important news for Montenegro, but also for Croatia and for the entire Europe. This is a contribution to stability and security in southeast Europe and a very important day for us in Croatia”, Kovac said.

He said that Croatia was keen on Montenegro’s progress on the path towards membership in the alliance.

“It is important for Montenegro, but also for the neighbouring countries, because there is no sustainable economic and social progress without security and stability”, he said, adding that Montenegro can count on Croatia’s support on its EU path.

He pointed out that there was a possibility of strengthening economic and infrastructural ties with Montenegro, pointing out the Adriatic-Ionian highway we have to build.

“We need to emphasise the positive aspects of our bilateral relations. There will always be outgoing issues and they should be resolved in the spirit of good neighbourly relations and, of course, based on international law and national interests. We owe that to our two countries and their people”, Kovac said.

The minister believes that despite the Prevlaka issue has been unresolved, bilateral relations between Montenegro and Croatia can serve as an example of good neighbourly relations.

“The fact that we have not determined the border yet is nothing unusual. There are many countries in the world that did not determine their borders and they normally coexist, as is the case with Croatia and Montenegro”, Kovac said.

He said that “the fact that we were willing to resolve issues in the interest of our citizens was the most important and that the citizens must not suffer because of the undetermined borders”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro