Kovac: We will try to be among first to ratify the accession of Montenegro to NATO

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Chief of Croatian diplomacy Miro Kovac congratulated Montenegro on signing the accession protocol to NATO.

“This is a very important news for Montenegro, but for Croatia as well, and for the whole of Europe. This is a contribution to stability and security at the middle eastern Europe, a very important day for us in Croatia”, said Kovac to radio Antena M.

He also answered the question on when can we expect the ratification of protocol in Croatia.

“Croatian government promised to this very soon, it was also recently promised by our president during the visit to Montenegro, and I promised that too. We will try to be among the first to ratify in Croatian parliament the accession of Montenegro to NATO”, said Kovac.

Accession protocol needs to be ratified by all 28 member countries of NATO.

Nobody in NATO wants to specify hen the ratification process could be over. They keep reminding that the last one lasted around a year.

Prime minister Milo Djukanovic expressed expectations that this time next year we will be the 29th member of NATO.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro