Kovacevic: The budget might be revised after the elections

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At the beginning of next week, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare will forward the information to the government on its plans to provide money to pay allowances for mothers with three or more children, said the minister of labour and social welfare Zorica Kovacevic.

She pointed out that their projections on spending €55m a year for that purpose were confirmed.

“We had €12m, which was allocated within the budget, there is additional €7m form the Pension Fund based on freezing pensions of over 4,000 female pensioners and we have some savings within the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare on the basis of material benefits so that it is necessary to provide about €30m”, Kovacevic told radio Antena M.

The ministry had two suggestions for how to provide the mission assets.

“One proposal is reviewing the budget or borrowing and the second proposal, which we reached at the special government’s session in Kolasin, is that only last month the Tax Administration managed to collect €16m more than they had planned. Out of that tax debt, which is around €190m, we plan to make an effort, together with the Tax Administration and collect the rest of the tax debt, so that for the time being it is unlikely that a budget revision will be planned”, she said.

Kovacevic added that the budget revision would be probably possible after the general elections. The most important thing is that the allowance payment is not questionable.

Finance minister Radoje Zugic announced that in the second half of the year it would be necessary to propose budget revision, because additional €40m would be needed to pay allowances for mothers with three or more children.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro