Kovacevic to explain the one-time assistance for DG

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Securing the full transparency of the work of ministries and other state bodies is envisaged both by the Constitution and Lex specialis, said Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Boris Maric, assesing that it was not the primary objective of the previous minister Zorica Kovacevic.

Kovacevic said on Monday that there are attempts, through sensationalist and unsubstantiated information which stultify the provisions of the Political Agreement and Lex specialis, to execute control over the work of previous ministers in an unfounded way and assume responsibility of the State Audit Institution (DRI), inspection services and other government bodies in an unlawful manner.

Maric said that it would be more useful if Kovacevic have stated the constitutional basis for its conclusion that the minister is not minister, that the time is measured after her model and that public authorities do not have continuity in the work.

“I understand your desire to limit and obstruct the position of the newly elected ministers in the Government of electoral confidence in the fullest extent possible, but what is unquestionable according to both the Constitution and Lex specialis is the responsibility of ensuring full transparency of the work of ministries and other government bodies, which was not your primary goal, while taking into account the volume of information available on the website of the Ministry of Labour and social Welfare (MRSS),” said Maric.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro