Krivokapic: All to be equal before the law

The rule of law is a precondition for prosperity of any society, and it means that everyone must be equal before the law, regardless the function and the power they possess,it was announced at the celebration of eight centuries since the adoption of Magna Carta / Great Charter of Freedoms /.

Parliamentary Committee for Political System, Judiciary and Administration celebrates today anniversary of the adoption of the document. Representatives of Montenegrin institutions, diplomatic corps and civil society spoke about the significance of the Great Charter and the concept of the rule of law.

President of the Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic, said that the Great Charter of Freedoms came out of the weakness of the rulers.

“While I was reading the document, I realized that the big breakthroughs were made, not on the big ideas, but weaknesses,” adding that if this had been realized before, there would have been other policy during 90’s.

He added that every developed economy is based on the rule of law.

British Ambassador to Montenegro, Ian Whitting recalled that the adoption of the Great Charter of Rights meant that the right does not belong to the king, but the country. “Even those who pass laws, are subjected to the law,” he stated.

The principles of the Great Charter of Freedoms are based on a rule that anyone can be called to legal liability.

“Equality before the law implies democracy, stability, diversity, prosperity and cohesion,” Whitting concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro