Krivokapić asked Đukanović if he thinks that Montenegro is like Monte Carlo

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Prime Minister’s hour in the Parliament will be held on Monday JUne 27th. Prime Minister Milo Đukanović will answer representatives’ questions. Last time, DF did not participate, but this time Andrija Mandić will be there to ask the Prime Minister about the consequences of Brexit.

“After one of the most important members of EU has decided to leave, we can feel the shift happening not only in EU, but wider, and we are interested about the actions of our Government in regard to this change?”, states Mandić’s question for Đukanović.

Leader of Nova said that Brexit clearly shows that there are alternatives to EU.

“Keeping in mind euro-skepticism in France, Italy, Germany, can you notice that these countries want to be their own again”, he asked.

This will be the first time that former President of the Parliament and leader of SDP Ranko Krivokapić asks a question of Prime Minister.

Krivokapić would like to know what is the basis of comparing Montenegro with Monte Carlo.

“When you visited Herceg Novi, you stated that Montenegro can easily compare with Monte Carlo or Saint Tropez. I beg that you answer on what facts you base such claims and thus help citizens to gain insight about their beautiful lives”, states Krivokapić’s question.

Representative of SNP Radosav Nišavić will ask about results in health care 10 years after the referendum, and about legal status of Montenegro.

“How much of the budget goes to the health care? Where does our health care system stand today compared to region and EU? How did it happen that Montenegro, that is according to you new Monaco, finds itself at the bottom of lists in terms of health care?”, Nišavić will ask.

Branko Čavor of DPS will ask about the measures taken by the Government to increase the competition in the market at the local level.

Representative of Bosnian Party Suljo Mustafić will ask about Dictionary of Montenegrin formal and informal language. He is interested whether the Government will interfere in stopping the distribution of this dictionary, that makes serious mistakes in linguistics, and offends a significant number of Montenegro’s citizens.

Representative of Positive Azra Jasavić will ask about Government’s actions in improving the status of Montenegrin expats living abroad.

Independent representative Dritan Abazović will ask why does the Government hide many documents that should be public, and that pertain to housing benefits for officials, and state resources abuse.

Independent representative Mladen Bojanić will ask why didn’t the Government take action at the abuse of state resources in the case of Social-Democrats meetings at hotel Ramada.

Bojanić will present evidence in regard to this case.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro