Krivokapic: Changeability of government is a NATO standard

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Changeability of government is a NATO standard, said the president of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Ranko Krivokapic during his presentation at the REACT camp, which has been traditionally organised for nine years by the NGO Alfa Centar. The topic of his presentation was “Membership in NATO – a challenge or an opportunity” and it was attended by 65 participants from Montenegro and 55 from abroad.

Krivokapic said it was very important that young people from 22 countries may hear about the Montenegro’s achievements, which make it not only a reliable partner, but also a partner that brings new values to NATO.

“Our core value is, of course, the fact we have managed to develop a civil society and to build multi-religious and multi-ethnic society. The achievements from the 19th century, when Montenegro managed to bring together all religions and nations, which many European countries failed to achieve, represent a heritage for us to build a civil Europe based on the NATO values.

According to him, the next major challenge for Montenegro is building the rule of law, peaceful change of government, which happens in all democracies in the world, especially in NATO countries.

“Montenegro is a mature country and I believe that its institutions are ready to undergo such a great challenge as a peaceful change of government. When it comes to the topic of NATO membership, I believe it is a done deal. Basically, only ratification remained to be done, but essentially it’s a done deal. Therefore, this topic should not be dominant in the elections, because it is over. This process is not reversible. But what is certain is that we should be open to other topics, such as how to build Montenegro, how we will fight against huge budget deficit, against the constant borrowing, the highest debt growth in Europe, in order to prevent deterioration of that part of Montenegro and to build a Montenegro of democracy and development with all forces that can be assembled, that are dedicated to the state of Montenegro and its citizens”, said Krivokapic.

According to him, therefore the issue of NATO will not be the deciding factor in this election.

“The decisive factor will be this: how to bring the country back to everyone. How to achieve a democratic state, incontestable result of the elections and how to involve all entities in building such a Montenegro based on the concept of the rule of law and real NATO criteria. How can we avoid the things occurring in Kotor? How to curb crime flourishing, how to remove organised criminal groups from the top of the party? Tthese are the main challenges in these elections – to be socially and economically recovered”, Krivokapic concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro