Krivokapic: Consensus and not division

The essence of a transitional government is the consensus of all political actors, and not divisions in society. It can be discussed only after agreement among party leaders on three important areas, the President of the Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic said.

Asked to comment statements by some officials of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) that the most of SDP is for the transitional government, Krivokapic said that even before the start of the parliamentary dialogue at the level of the presidents of the parties, the idea and the support was given by someone else from the government, that is from the Minister Igor Luksic.

According to Krivokapic, SDP officials Dzavid Sabovic and Ljubomir Filipovic, didn’t say they “have the majority in the party, but they hope to have support.”

At a press conference, after a meeting with his Romanian counterpart Valeriu Zgonea, Krivokapic reminded that Romania has a technical expert Government to a year, which got four-fifths votes in parliament, including the votes of the strongest party.

Asked whether the SDP will start the initiative on distrust of Government or it would vote for it if someone else started it, Krivokapic said that it is surprising that no one in the public bother to understand what is the essence of that government.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro