Krivokapic did not succeed in taking over the DF

President of the Movement for Changes (PZP) Nebojsa Medojevic said that the victory of Ivan Brajovic at the upcoming congress of the SDP would show that the West has given up on the current leader of this party Ranko Krivokapic.

Speaking about the activities of the Democratic Front, he said that preparations for the protests continue, but that the developments in the ruling coalition and the SDP will have an impact on them.

“We work according to the plan that we have already adopted. The Congress of the SDP could lead to turbulence in the party and coalition. Although I personally think that chances are small for it to happen, unless foreign factor interferes side, and I do not see it happening. Ivan Brajovic’s victory would means that foreign factors have given up Ranko Krivokapic, which fell short of expectations and promises he made. Krivokapic has offered himself to foreigners as leader of the new obedient puppet opposition that would replace Milo Djukanovic and be more obedient than the current regime”, said Medojevic for the Dnevne novine.

He adds that the “fiasco” of Krivokapic’s and foreigners’ attempts to take over the administration of the Democratic Front made senseless the second part of the plan to break the Positive and the Socialist People’s Party and form a new DF.

“That new Democratic Front would have been managed with joystick from some of the embassies. Krivokapic lost confidence of both Djukanovic and foreigners and his political career is over. If he brings with himself enough delegates for the government to have a majority, Djukanovic would try to call early parliamentary elections with Brajovic and Bosniak parties. But for that he would need a majority in parliament, and defeated Krivokapic would not like elections because he would not pass the threshold”, said Medojevic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro