Krivokapić: DPS and DF will not reach 50% together

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There is no reason for the upcoming elections on October 16th to be postponed, said leader of SDP Ranko Krivokapić.

“I do not think that the elections will be all that fair, but in principle they will be free. It is a matter of lists, of administration. There can be issues, but I believe we can solve them together”, Krivokapić said in an appearance in TV show Bare Truth.

According to him, there is no means to know whether the election results will reflect the true will of citizens.

„I never believed that the Government of electoral trust can foster trust. I thought that some aspects would be changed, and elections could be a little more fair”, Krivokapić said.

Commenting on DF statement that they will wait for the results in front of the Parliament, Krivokapić said they are within their rights to do so. Whether the decision is risky, he said he only cares about whether the police has been notified of the gathering.

If SDP is in the position to form leadership after the elections, it will be with Ključ coalition.

Krivokapić said they would not make any sort of coalition with DPS after the elections.

„SDP is at a loss as how to fix things with DPS. They are a problem and a threat for the state”, Krivokapić said.

He said they would not get into alliances with DF either, and he believes that both DPS and DF will lose.

„They are two blocks eating at each other. I believe both together will have less than 50% of support”, he said.

„I think that the political scene will be more mature, and that we will want our Government to be made of citizens, smaller parties”, he said.

When asked what he thinks of Russia’s influence on Montenegro, he said he does not have any information.

„But as an experienced politician, I know that with weaker democracy in Montenegro, there will be those who will want to meddle. We need to defend ourselves, and this is why we have Agency of National Security ANB”, Krivokapić said.

Those who believe in Russia’s involvement need to provide evidence.

“Our Constitution prohibits funding from abroad. Marković needs to report parties who receive money from international sources so we can shut them down”, Krivokapić said.

He said SDP is pleased with the success of their campaign.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro