Krivokapic: I’m not resigning, I may even remain a president of the parliament

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President of the parliament of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic will not resign even after Radojka Rutovic had left the public media service RTCG.

Asked by CdM if he will resign himself or will he wait to be revoked in the parliament, Krivokapic said:

“It’s not sure that my position will be revoked, I may stay. The voting will be secret”, said the president of the parliament.

“This is the dawn of the signing of the Agreement on free and fair elections which should be formally signed in next couple of days. Preparation of Lex specialis is on the way. That will be the first issue the Parliament will address. The second one will be the prime minister’s proposal for changes in the government. The third one will be the issue of trust for the president of the Parliament”, he said.

This session should happen before Easter according to his expectations, and he hopes it will be held next Monday.

Krivokapic, who had meetings with EU ambassadors in Podgorica today and their colleague from USA, emphasized the role of the EU in negotiations between regime and the opposition.

“The silence of EU could be heard very clearly during the negotiations. Although we’re used to power of the words, we also learned that silence can also speak and influence the whole process”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro