Krivokapic is playing a double game

In addition to the self-centered leadership of a party – political wandering and being on both sides in recent years, SDP president Ranko Krivokapic, is the main reason for the dissolution of this party.

However, we ended that story at the inaugural meeting of the Social Democrats Montenegro and we do not want to talk about that anymore, said Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Initiative Board of the Social Democrats Vujica Lazovic.

Lazovic said that the date of the congress of the Social Democrats has not been determined yet, but the party is already in full working mode.

“At the inaugural meeting, we stressed that we will offer the citizens of Montenegro a partnership for aggressive economic development, the third major objective around which the progressive forces in Montenegro should gather, after membership in NATO, “he recalled.

“We offer a genuine partnership to build a clear vision of aggressive, dynamic economic development of our country. It is an absolute priority for us. It is the third major political and social objective that we want to impose., Lazovic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro