Krivokapic not an option for vice president of the Government

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Discussions between experts of the Government and part of the opposition regarding finalization of lex specialis have been resumed, and today they will be intensified, it was told to Dnevne newspaper by participants of the negotiations. Both sides expect that finalization will be successful and that this law will soon be in front of the parliament members, which will open room for participation of the opposition in the government of Milo Djukanovic, as well as into public institutions and companies.

According to unofficial, but reliable information, in previous two days leaders of Demos, URA and Socialdemocratic party discussed about personnel options regarding ministers and vice president of the government positions, but since the deal hasn’t been completely finalized, these political subjects still don’t want to go public with names of the future ministers.

“It’s the truth, president of the Socialdemocratic party Ranko Krivokapic publicly said at the meeting of the leaders of Demos, URA and SDP that he’s not an option for the vice president of the government”, it was told to Dnevne newspaper by leaders of one party that participated in negotiations.

At this meeting, it was confirmed that these three parties think that “opposition quota” for participation in the government can also be met by Socialistic people’s party, but that Pozitivna Montenegro doesn’t belong there in any scenario.

“This is not a new condition. This is something that e publicly said several times to all partners in the negotiations. Everyone knows that there will be no agreement if it happens differently”, said the source of DN.

On the other hand, both representatives of the government and the opposition agree that stalling is bad for everyone and that everything will be over soon.

Vice president of the Civic movement URA Dritan Abazovic said to DN that it is the truth that deadlines for signing the agreement on free and fair elections haven’t been met and that they need to work faster, but that there are absolutely no new demands by the opposition.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro